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    We are a Portland art studio specializing in Art Restoration and Art Conservation. Backed by decades of experience, we are art restorers who specialize in working in many mediums, from ancient artifacts to classic paintings, contemporary collectibles to family heirloom china. We work on painting restoration, antique restoration, china repair, and pottery repair, amongst others.

    Whether it be a damaged piece needing to be repaired, or an antique that needs to be cleaned and restored to original condition, or simply maintenance to ensure a long life, we are equipped to make the most of the art you treasure.

    Restoring fine art can bring many challenges. Working with various types of damage mitigation across so many mediums, you must trust your art only to experts who can restore it to original condition without further damaging it or losing value.

    About Us

    We are expert restorers of fine ceramics, porcelain, pottery, and collectibles.  With decades of experience working on some of Europe's finest porcelain statues, figures, lamps, and decorative antiques we can be your trusted art conservator for expert care of your collection.

    Art is our passion. Bringing your piece back to life, and helping you understand how art restoration is done and how to care for an object is at the center of each and every project.

    Art Restoration Services

    Art comes in so many forms, and we can deal with just about anything you can throw at us. Our services may entail repairing damaged pieces varying in degree from a tear or flaking paint in an antique painting, to scarring, rust or broken pieces from sculptures. We can reinforce compromised pieces, reattach broken pieces, re-surface, clean, polish, or even reconstruct lost pieces.

    The specifics of what we will do for your piece are a function of what your goals and priorities are.

    We regularly service pieces from all kinds of clientele:

    • Art dealers
    • Private collectors
    • Gallery owners
    • Movers
    • Relocation specialists
    • Personal assistants

    We have projects come into our studio of every variety:

    • Inheritance
    • Family heirlooms
    • China collections
    • Antique collectibles
    • Antique paintings
    • Ceramics
    • Porcelain
    • Fine china
    • Sculptures and statues
    • Public art

    …with every type of need:

    • Water damage
    • Fire damage
    • Moving damage
    • Mishandling and accidental damage
    • Natural wear and tear
    • Cleaning
    • Restoration to original condition

    It is our priority to provide you with glowing results, completing your art restoration in a practical amount of time at a fair price. We have been around a long time and intend to stay around in the future to follow up or additional work as our clients’ collections grow. With a long reputable history of honest business and consistently excellent feedback, we have served as art restoration experts for a wide spectrum of Portland's elite collectors, dealers, churches, public works offices.

    We look forward to adding you and your collection to our list.

    art restoration and conservation service

    Fine Art Repair

    Art repair services are usually focused on repairing damaged art. The source of these damages typically come from mishandling, but in plenty of cases is simply age, deterioration, or accidents. We have many clients that come to us on behalf of an artwork owner to recover from damages that are covered by insurance, such as water, fire, or moving damages.

    The extent of the damages varies widely, from reassembling a piece broken into many parts, to removing stains or fixing discoloration.

    Every restoration project aims to bring the artwork back to its original condition with no trace of repair work.

    artistic plates

    Art Conservation

    Art conservation services are intended to preserve an artwork’s original aesthetic as unintrusively as possible. While this includes preventative care, the key feature of active treatment in conservation is reversibility.

    It could be said that conservation services are to art like healthcare services are to humans: do no harm. Conservation may be required to prevent deterioration over time or to restore or preserve the artwork’s value. Most often means that no new material is added to the piece while working on it, but more than anything means that every process that the piece undertakes is done with reversibility held closely in mind. Conservation may entail all forms of preventative care, maintenance, and cleaning to preserve your artwork’s luster and condition, as well as repairs to ensure years of enjoyment.

    “Portland Art Restoration and Conservation services are excellent. An old family portrait had fallen into disrepair and the team carefully inspected and recommended their oil painting cleaning service for us. They cleaned the painting very well and it has been restored to us looking better than it has in a long while.” Megan L.

    Painting Restoration

    Our paint restoration and conservation services are careful and thorough. Whether your needs are for a simple oil painting cleaning and re-varnish due to natural dulling or fading over time, repairing punctures or tears, or more substantial structural or aesthetic work is needed, we take pride in the museum-quality restoration services that our decades of experience guarantees.

    We recommend using professional services even for something that may seem trivial like cleaning a painting as the use of the wrong technique or chemical on fine art can lead to tragedy.

    You will not find higher quality painting repair and restoration services in Portland.

    repairing color on a painting

    Sculpture Repair

    Sculptures of every material can wear over time, or be damaged in various ways. With a vast catalog of materials and techniques, we can handle specialized cleaning and restoration of marble, alabaster, concrete, metal, wood, and other stones.

    We are specialists in conservation and make sure to use only proper conservation cleaning chemicals, adhesives, and bonding agents to ensure that work done is lasting, but also reversible. Misuse of adhesives can lead to staining or structurally weak repairs.

    We work with statuary from large to small, helping clients from private collections to public monuments.

    sculpture restoration and conservation service

    “A collection of figurines has been passed down to me. It is a collection that has developed over many years and it holds great sentimental value for me. Some of the figurines have been chipped and their paint has faded. A friend recommended Portland Art Restoration and Conservation Specialists to me and they took great care to wonderfully repair and restore my figurines.” Josephine T.

    antique restoration and conservation service

    Antique / Collectible Conservation

    Antique restoration of every variety comes to us. We see a lot of cherished china, glassware, pottery, ceramics that has been damaged through accidents, mishandling, poorly packaged shipping and other factors.

    Collectible restoration also covers myriad types of objects: antique clocks, swords, silverware, trivets, figurines, or small furniture. These items are often delicate, and require a great deal of care and must be treated with respect.

    We can mend broken parts, reassemble, clean, protect, and in some cases even recover lost pieces and parts.

    wood restoration and conservation service

    Art Works in all Mediums

    We have years of experience conserving and restoring artwork in many different mediums. Each with its own unique characteristics, it is often paramount to use the proper techniques when working with these materials to ensure not only beautiful results, but also prevent further damage.

    There are many varieties of stone, wood, metal, and paint, and every one of them with their own characteristics. We find these mediums fascinating and have spent decades studying them in depth to be able to provide the expert services necessary for doing museum-quality conservation and restoration services.


    Our experience and expertise allow us to handle many materials with confidence. We can assess what the best care and repair methods are for individual pieces of art. Our specialists work with many different mediums and commonly offer services to repair painting canvas. They also offer stone restoration services and work on numerous bronze restoration.

    “I was looking for an affordable service for art restoration in Portland when I found Portland Art Restoration and Conservation Specialists. I have been restoring a classic car and needed help with finding the perfect paint to complete it. The specialists found a great range of suitable paint colors and did an excellent job painting the car. I would recommend them.” Peter S.

    Contact Us Today

    Our art restoration and conservation specialists can provide you with the best services in Portland. If you are looking for museum-quality art restoration in Portland then allow our team to assist you. Our customers are not only fully satisfied but thrilled with the expert results we provide. If you would like to know more about any of our services, please get in touch. Our consultative approach will ensure you have all of the information that you need before choosing how to handle your art restoration near Portland, and throughout the region. You can contact us via phone or email to speak with us directly.