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About Our Business

artwork restoration and conservation service

Portland Art Restoration and Conservation Specialists are the number one specialists in the city for paint restoration, art conservation, antique repair, pottery repair, and restoring artwork. Our team is highly trained and extremely skilled. If you are looking for art conservation and restoration expertise that you can rely on then look no further. Our services are guaranteed to provide you with only the world-class results your artwork deserves. We work with a variety of different types of art, from paintings to sculptures to collectibles. Whether you want to restore an antique to its original working condition or you are looking to preserve painting details from eroding, we have the expertise you need to ensure only quality results.

We have many years of experience working on all manner of restoration and conservation projects. You can trust us to handle your precious items with the utmost care and consideration.

The question of how much does art restoration cost comes up, naturally, but the answer depends on so many variables, it would be disingenuous to try to distill into a standard price sheet. We believe that it is essential that we discuss your piece with you so that we are able to offer art restoration quotes that are centered around services that are specifically catered to you and to your project. Naturally, for the best art restoration and cleaning in Portland, you have to work with the best art restorers. All of the restoration and conservation services that we offer are carried out by specialists whose expertise and training are as suitable for museum work as they are for private collectors. You do not want to find your art featured on an art restoration fail blog, and we can guarantee no "art restoration gone wrong" will ever come out of our studio. You will receive the highest quality of work and all for realistic prices.

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