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Art Conservation Portland Oregon

marble sculpture after conservations services

Reversibility: Do no harm

Art conservation services and caring for antiques presents unique challenges.  One must preserve decades and sometimes centuries of patina while re-assembling a piece that may be broken into dozens of pieces, or have deep physical damage, discoloration, missing parts, and other signs of age, such as cracking, peeling, or etching.

Art conservation services in Portland Oregon.

  • conservation of paintings
  • mural conservation
  • public art conservation
  • disaster remediation
  • fine art conservation

The biggest risk of approaching art conservation services with unpracticed hands is that pieces needing conservation tend to be naturally delicate, and it’s as easy to do more damage than refurbishment while working.  Working with these materials takes patience, care, and attention to detail.

The preservation of materials must be at the forefront of each step taken during the process. Using the wrong adhesive, cleaning chemical, abrasives, or other techniques can create irreversible damage. Only with years of experience can the mistakes of creating unnecessary damage be avoided.

Preserving art, preserving value of art

The primary focus of conservation processes is to do no harm to the artifact and to endeavor to maintain reversibility wherever possible. Aside from the obvious merits of ensuring high-quality work, this focus on precision ensures that the outcome of an art conservation project is that not only the original magnificence of the artwork is protected, but also the value of the piece itself.

Expertise only comes with years of dedicated work and study. We are proud to have been working on all forms of art conservation projects for decades. This exposure to all varieties of needs has given us familiarity with all kinds of materials, what processes and techniques are reliable, and perhaps most importantly, what methods must be avoided to prevent collateral damage.

Most conservation projects start with a thorough cleaning of the artwork. Any conservation plan will entail research of the art and artist, a necessary step to ensure that the original intent is taken into consideration through every step taken. We also provide photo documentation of the piece at various stages of the process.

Your art piece will come away from our processes looking like new. Our expertise in the use of proper conservation cleaning materials, adhesives, and techniques ensure your piece will not only look good but also safeguard it from damage while protecting the historic and economic significance of your artwork.

Worry-free results

We guarantee that you will come away from your conservation services happy with the results. The quality and experience of our work speaks for itself and is reflected by a deep book of long-term repeat clients who will agree you won't find a more qualified painting conservator in Portland.

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