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Art Repair Portland Oregon

art restoration services demonstrated on bust sculptures

Damage and worn art

New clients we bring on for art restoration services often start the conversation by asking how does art restoration work, or even why is art restoration important. Aside from the general preservation of cultural heritage, the answer to the latter is usually more in the eye of the beholder, but the means and ways of art restoration depends on the artwork itself, and the nature of wear or damage.

We work on all art forms and mediums:

  • Painting
  • sculpture
  • fine china
  • porcelain
  • pottery
  • ceramics
  • documents

With all manner of damage or wear:

  • painting varnish
  • torn painting
  • fire and flood damage
  • mishandling
  • shipping damage
  • dented, broken, gouged, scuffed, scratched surface damage

No matter the extent of the damage, when it comes to restoration of art, collectibles, or antiques, the last words that you want to apply are “amateur fix.” These are usually a pretext to a blog on when art restoration goes south. Every restoration starts with exploring the needs of the individual piece, and the approach of the repairs will be suited to the nature of the damage.

Too often, pieces that come to the studio have undergone previous substandard repairs. Proper art restoration in Portland (or anywhere else) should be complete, imperceptible, and long-lasting.

Expert art repair

Repairs that are so conspicuous that they distract the eye from the artwork itself are counter-productive. The purpose of the restoration is to bring out the original magnificence of the piece. To that end, an "art restoration fail" or poor restoration can be worse for the artwork than the original damage. This is especially true when a restoration is attempted by someone lacking expertise that comes with years of experience providing art restoration services.

After refurbishing a piece of art, of course the artwork should look brand new as if it just left the original artist’s studio. However, this implicitly means that the repair work completed should also be imperceptible, but also it must be durable enough that it does not deteriorate and have to be repeated with time.

It is the thousands of collective hours researching, studying, and working directly with countless materials that give us the expertise to approach any piece with authority. We have worked with just about every type of material and know not only what methods and techniques work well for a lasting effect, but also what techniques must be avoided to prevent further damage or deterioration over time.

We will apply our deep knowledge of materials and techniques to bring your art back to as close to its original condition as is possible. The goal is to leave the sample looking as if it were brand new, shimmering, shining, and splendid!

Value-based pricing

There is a balance in an expert’s touch. Naturally, everyone wants the highest quality art restoration service, but nobody wants to feel like they paying too much. We will apply our deep well of experience, always keeping the value of the service in line with the work being performed. No project will be undertaken without fully exploring and agreeing on the scope of work and associated costs before beginning.

We guarantee that your art will come out of our studio, better, stronger, and newer, at a price that you are happy with, and for years to come.

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